A unique possibility

Original Italian paintings

Barj Buzzoni keeps alive in its collections the vision and the idea of Impressionism as no other art institution in Italy and in the world does. For this reason here you will find many of the best Italian painters, specialized in the Impressionist culture and technique.

Catch the beauty, when possible

Italian paintings for luxury interiors

Our Impressionist painters always try to catch the beauty of Nature but only when it can be truly discovered and collected. That’s why every single subject is the unique result of the artist’s innate sensitivity from which our artworks for the most prestigious environments belong.

Re-experience a fragment of eternity

Handmade Italian oil paintings

Stop the eternity in a moment and live it in its entirety. Furnishing your home with impressionist paintings means surrounding yourself with eternity fragments and live together with Nature.

Discover our Impressionist collections

All oil-painted by Impressionist Italian artists exclusively for Barj Buzzoni.