Art becomes tangible with Artistic Walls

Our artists give new meaning to matter and living.

In history, humans have always been able to identify several means for uncovering the truth of Nature. Architecture, painting and language are notable examples.

Therefore, our new decorations for wall come from our passion for decoration bringing art to a higher level.

The tailor-made art walls will give interiors a highly inspired new look, fine structure and a decoration design in relief.

Decorating your home with art, in all of its forms, is creativity, imagination, aesthetic sense but also an expression of one’s own personality.

Habito Collection: the Art of living

With the Habito collection, Barj Buzzoni has decided to make original Art alive again, using natural supports and new in-house materials for large-scale artworks.

“Habito” comes from old Latin hăbĭto which in everyday language means “living in a house”.

The Habito artworks express the real meaning of “living the home”, away from the more detached “staying in a place”, just like Art deviates from the mere act of representing a subject.

Habito is an original fully hand-made set of wall to wall art pieces that homage the beauty of the luxury living.

Our artists use different materials, colours, finishings, and frame dimensions to encounter customer’s specific needs and preferences in terms of shape, size, frame, colour and surface coating.

“Habito” wants to tribute the house owner and his hosts, expressing in a tangible way their idea of “living”.

Discover the Habito collection on our website and contact us if you need more infos.